Re: [NTLK] will backup but won't export...

From: Betty (
Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 08:18:58 PST

Hi Rhonda,

How large was your linear flash card?

How much memory have you allocated to NCU?

If the CF card is larger than your old linear flash card, I think you might try increasing the memory for NCU.

Hope this helps.

bettyy at earthlink dot net

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From: Rhonda Hyslop <>
Sent: Nov 2, 2004 12:50 AM
Subject: [NTLK] will backup but won't export...

I just seem to be having all kinds of problems all at once...

So, I got NCU working over appletalk and it backed up my newt just fine,
and that's all good. So now, I want to export a measly three notes to my
computer, and all I get is an error (-1) and my newton closes Dock.

The more detailed description is that I open NCU, connect my newt,
choose export, pick the type of export (Notes - also tried text only
Notes), pick a filename to save them in, then click the "choose" button
so I can pick which notes to export. And bang, it all goes south and I
get a -1 and a disconnect.

The only thing I've changed since I did the successful backup is that I
moved everything to my brand shiny new 128MB CF card. Does ATA not like
exporting stuff via dock? Or is it something else entirely?

I noticed a NewtFTP program on UNNA which can upload notes apparently,
but it's a 14-day demo and owned by tactile who I understand is tricky
to get a hold of nowadays? I kind of need something fairly reliable
that'll work for a minimum of a full 30 days, because crazy me is
writing a novel on my Newton again, and I want to post each day's
writing on my website, and that means getting a copy of the writing off
my newton...

So, I guess my question is twofold: what's going on here, and how can I
reliably get my notes off my newton since it doesn't seem to be working
in the normal way?

(Never thought I'd miss good old nXchange and sloup... not the prettiest
interface, but I could browse my notes and filter by newton folder.
Sadly, I'm in a different city from nXchange and my serial cable; I have
an iBook, NCU-in-classic, and appletalk-over-ethernet to work with.)


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