Re: [NTLK] Several one of a kinds...

From: matt (
Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 19:39:57 PST

I think the guy that runs macruscomputers hangs out on macrumors from
time to time - he's just a kid (16 i think? maybe a little older) who
from what i've seen does a decent job of collecting and selling macs,
but a horrible job of spell checking his posts : )
Other than that, I probably wouldn't think that he was the other
person, there's just a good chance that he bought the 'one of a kind'
thing and wanted to have something special to sell at a later date. he
sells lisa's and the such from time to time, so I wouldn't be too

In other news, I thought that the colored newton was UGLY. I mean,
really really really ugly. Colored case with green apple logo at the
bottom and green cover. Uuuugllly. But I suppose it's all up in the
air when you're talking people's taste and ebay... : )


> Agreed... Definitely different personalities.
> You can tell a lot about an eBay'er from the feedback they leave for
> others. I didn't intend to start the conspiracy suggestion. It's just
> that can't imagine someone paying that much just for a custom paint
> job. Especially since macsruscomputers sells Newtons himself, as well.
> I've actually been watching macsruscompters for sometime. He seems to
> be doing a good job selling Newton packages on eBay and letting the
> bidders determine the price.
> Of course, we shouldn't rule out the fact that knowlegenavigator might
> be a schizophrenic.
> ;-)
> Ron

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