Re: [NTLK] cf card memory problem

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 00:35:31 PST

Aux environs du 4/11/04 à 14:47 -0600, sous le titre "[NTLK] cf card
memory problem", Thomas A Isenbarger prit sa plus belle plume pour
écrire les mots suivants:
>i have a partition on a CF card (using ATA support driver)
>in extras i selected this store ('main') and moved all the storage
>items to internal
>i moved all the packages from this store to another partition on the
>card. now when i select this store in extras nothing is listed. but,
>when i select memory info, it tells me that the card is fairly full
>(2500 K or so out of 4000 K).
>i used prefs cleaner to get rid of some old prefs i don't need anymore.
> how do i free up this memory? i don't want to erase the partition yet
>because there might be something important there.

Umm. There might be a leak (I don't hope so).
Would you agree to send me an image of your card? I can see you have
a mac. If you have a PowerBook or a card reader, it's not very
complex to generate an image. I'll detail the steps if you agree. I'd
fully understand if you didn't, considering you'd better not send
data to a stranger like me.


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