Re: [NTLK] CF 802.11b + Mad Max

From: Adriano (
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 15:54:31 PST

I made my own I/O audio adapter and i put some music i need on a 6MB line=
ar flash card
(Chris i await for you to win your Bingo and come here in =
Italy! ^_^)

But i think CF is the future of the MessagePad
and i woul=
d have all my music library in my MP2100!

So i tried 2 types of CF typ=
e II memory cards
with ATA support demo (16MB + 512MB)
and they both a=
re functional with my Newton

[I still have not bought the license from=
 Kallisys' (i comprehend the software is really valuable
but the price i=
t's a bit high for me at the moment...just it!)]

I know Mad Max can ta=
ke the music on the web but may i share it with my OS X desktop too as =0D
LPRdriver do it with printers?

I would use my MP to record my guitar t=
but mad max does not offer this capability :(

VoiceNotes is good b=
ut i would record music at better than 3k

Any chances to see an upgrad=
e on Mad Max?


> On 5-nov-04, at 16:55, Bill Miranda wrote:=0D
> > I assumed most people were using the old flash memory cards, but I =0D
> > could be wrong.
> I think the majority still does, but I have no=
 idea how many registered
> ATA support.
> Robert Benschop=0A=0A=
ro ADSL: navighi gratis a 1.2 Mega, senza canone e costi di attivazione. =
=0AAbbonati subito su =0A

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