[NTLK] Yet another old newt has been religated from the closet!!!!!!

From: Patrick McFadden (pmcfadden_at_mac.com)
Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 23:44:47 PST

Hello all!!!! This seems to be quite the little community, Im glad I
managed to dust off my old 2100 and find people out there still going
strong with them!!! I have a few questions I was hoping someone out
there may be able to answer!

Back in the day (96 ish) I recall seeing what I thought to be a GPS
card for the newton. This was not a handheld GPS that attached Via a
cable, rather it was a PCMCIA card that held a GPS receiver on it... I
am trying to find something similar that would be able to give basic
information such as speed heading etc..... Has any one heard of
something matching this description? preferably someone who happens
to have an old one sitting around they wouldn't mind selling?

Also are there any pilots out there that happen to still use their
newton in the air, maybe who would have some idea if GPS software was
ever written for the Newton that included airway information... VOR/ADF
frequencies etc...?

And Finally, Everyone seems to be talking about Newtendo!, does
anyone know where one could find a copy of this Brilliant software It
doesn't seem to be at UNNA or anywhere else on the web, other than an
NES emulation website, but I cant seem to get it to DL as a binary so
its pretty much useless (unless there is a way to restore it.)!?!?!?

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!

-Patrick McFadden

PS are there any user groups out there located in Victoria/Vancouver BC

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