[NTLK] Wanna Trade?

From: Huxley Dunsany (huckdunsany_at_mac.com)
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 23:26:54 PST

Just yesterday, I acquired a pair of 256-meg PC2700 333mHz RAM modules
from a new PowerBook (a customer upgraded to a gig, and gave me his
'old' chips!). Sadly, I can't use them in my PowerBook (an older
500mHz model), so they're not doing me much good. Of course, I can
always throw them on eBay and make a few bucks, but I'd much rather
trade them for some accessories for my lovely new Newton 2100.
What I'd be looking for is:

A wireless card that actually works! When I bought my 2100 a few weeks
back, I also picked up a pair of Lucent WaveLAN Bronze cards, neither
of which have been able to reliably or consistently connect to my
AirPort network. At best, I'm able to connect for a few minutes, but
usually my attempts to connect stall after I'm assigned an IP address
and I get stuck at "Looking Up Address", followed by a message reading
"No response from your current DNS server. Check your internet
connection or contact the server administrator". If I specifiy the
SSID of my Airport network ("airport", in this case), it will stall at
the "Loading the DHCP Protocol..." message, and then give a -60088
error. Arrgh!
I'm sure there are other, more reliable cards out there, so if anyone
has one they'd like to trade for some RAM, please let me know!

I'm also looking for a case for the Newt, a keyboard, a PCMCIA
CompactFlash reader (and a card of any size over 32 megs!), and any
other cool stuff that I've not thought of but you might have to trade.

Any takers?



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