Re: [NTLK] Mobile Charger Solution - Maybe for the Newton as well?

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 17:10:46 PST

I would say "no"
First off, the MP2000 is a 9 watt, 7.5 volt adapter.
This translates into 1.2 amps (or 1,200 mA)

If we push the 5volts to 8 watts, that would require a
maximum of 1.8amps. This is the maximum this battery
system will give, assuming an efficient use of the
formula P=I*E.
Unfortunatly the Newton may not run at 5volts (never
tried it) and the adapters available are only for 6
and 9 volts...both unacceptible alternatives. And
since the charger shuts off at 2amps, which it may
well reach with the Newton, it would not be a very
good product for the Newt...and at $150, I would
definatly say "NO!" sheesh! if only I had that kind of
scratch to spend on my Newt!
web/gadget guru (download Newton packages)

--- Sacha Zemp <> wrote:

> What do you think about this external charger? Will
> it work with the newton?
> Greetings
> Sacha Zemp

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