Re: [NTLK] Names App 'Missing'

From: Don V. Zahniser (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 02:46:11 PST

Jon, Robert and Woody -

Thanks for the responses!

I haven't downloaded Names Cleaner yet (will do!), but I tried the rest
of Jon's recommendation, and it worked!

I can only recall having added two entries to the Names since I last
backed up, so there was no issue with lost data.


 - Don

>If it's only a corrupt names file, and Names Cleaner can't fix it, I
>would first try going to the Storage directory, and deleting the Names
>soup from there
>(tap on the Names storage icon, and then, in the window that pops up,
>tap on "delete" It will leave the soup, but the soup will now be empty)
>Once the soup is deleted, see if the Names app will open. If it does,
>then you know it was a corrupt entry or maybe (and more likely) more
>than one. Of course, this doesn't discuss what made them corrupt, but
>at this point, try re-importing your names from your desktop, and see
>what happens. It may be that your corrupt entries are on the computer
>corrupt, or the software did something flakey...

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