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From: MKow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 05:54:15 PST

Hello Everybody,
Here is an updated list of my available Newton eBooks. They're likely not
available at UNNA yet, so just send me a request for anything you want. Most of
this has been available for a while, but there are a few new titles: "Nuclear
Winter", "Charles Darwin - Voyages of the Beagle", and "Chocolate and Cocoa
Recipes". There is also a DOS user guide (written by Paul B. Jones and edited
by me). Titles that are nearly done: "Yoga", "Naval Pioneers of Australia",
"Leonardo DaVinci's Notebook" (This one is a PITA to edit. I am also
considering adding some illustrations to it), and "Radio Amateur's Handbook". I am
trying to spread my editorial skills, such as they are, around a bit. This is
why I just expend enough effort to create Newton eBooks in the "most common"
format of MP 2X00 Portrait mode. However I saved most of the NP! source files,
for those who might wish to generate books in other Newton eBook formats (Note
that I use Newton Press).

Matt K.



Andersons Fairy Tales - Universal Format.PKG
Just So Stories - eMate Format.PKG

Algonquin Legends.PKG
Missionary Work Among the Ojibwa Indians.PKG
New Zealand Station Life.PKG
Sioux Legends.PKG
Wild Wales - People Language and Scenery.PKG

Around the World on a Bike - Thomas Stevens.PKG
Australian Expeditions - vol I.PKG
Canyons of the Colorado - John Wesley Powell .PKG
Charles Darwin - Voyages of the Beagle.PKG
Lewis and Clark's Expedition.PKG
South Pole - Sir Ernest Shackleton.PKG
Travels in Africa.PKG
Travels in Alaska - John Muir.PKG

Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes.PKG

Ben Franklins Autobiography.PKG
Sir Francis Drake Revived.PKG

Celtic Literature - History and Criticism.PKG
Edda Vol I - Norse Mythology.PKG
Edda Vol II - Heroic Mythology.PKG
Ghost Stories - Ambroce Bierce.PKG
Gold Hunters - J. Curwood.PKG
Edgar Allan Poe - Vol. I.PKG

Analyzing the 911 Report.PKG

Criminal Psychology - A Manual for Judges, Students.PKG
DOS Help Book.PKG
Getting Gold - A Practical Treatise.PKG
Nuclear Winter.PKG
Relativity - Special and General Theory - Einstein.PKG


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