[NTLK] Need Wireless Help!

From: Jim Grich (webmaster_at_weblync.com)
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 08:22:59 PST

I am setting my 2100 Newton up with a MN-520 wireless card. I have
installed the following software: NIE 2.0, LucentWavLan 2.0,
MoreWiFiCards, NewtDev, LanternPatch, inetenbl.

The Newton recognizes the MN-520 card but when I go to Internet Set-up
and tap on "Connect Using", I do not have an option to choose ethernet.
I assume I am missing a piece of software since I only have Modem,
Localtalk and Serial available to choose from. I do use this unit with
the modem successfully, so I again believe there is another piece to
the puzzle missing. Can anyone tell me what software would give me an
ethernet option in the Internet set-up?

Thanks for your help.

Jim Grich

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