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From: Andrei Chichak (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 15:21:09 PST

At 02:18 PM 2004-11-09, you wrote:
>An old University pal sent me a numeric message today, the only way to read
>it is using Barcode 39. I have a 3of9 barcode font on my mac, but can not
>find anyway to translate it. I figured that with the ability to scan
>barcodes with the newton, someone on the list may be able to shed some
>light on my problem !

 From what I remember and what I have read Code 39 is another name for 3 of
9. One of the oddities is that it uses the "*" character as a start and
stop character so ABC123 will be printed as *ABC123*.

With a bit of frigging around you could figure out what the message is by
reading the barcodes. Another option would be to find someone that uses
barcodes to enter stuff into a form stuffing application and get them to
decode the message for you.

It's too bad a Cue-Cat scanner won't do Code 39. Perhaps you could find one
of those old HP serial output barcode wands.

Of course in return you will have to send your friend a 5 1/4" low density
floppy disk with the return message.


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