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> I was wondering here today...
> I know that the difference between a 2100 and a 2000 is the
> installed ram. I also know that the 2000 can be upgraded to a
> 2100 by means of installing extra ram. But is it possible to
> take an honest 2100 and remove just the ram (not replacing
> the whole mobo) and make it into a 2000?
> Strange Q I know, but I am curious...

No. Simply removing the DRAM will make a brick. You would need to replace
the 4M DRAM chips with 1M DRAM chips in an alternate location.

Then you would need to remove the '1' from the logo and replace it with a

Now you have a MP2000.

Incidentally, you could replace the DRAM with 256K parts. This is not
recommended but possible if you got the appropriate parts.

MP1900 anyone????


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