Re: [NTLK] Tech Question (2100 RAM)

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 17:50:53 PST

> I know that the difference between a 2100 and a 2000 is the installed
> ram. I also know that the 2000 can be upgraded to a 2100 by means of
> installing extra ram.

You do install extra RAM, but you do NOT install additional RAM ICs.
All you do is replace two chips with two other chips.

> But is it possible to take an honest 2100 and remove just the ram
> (not replacing the whole mobo) and make it into a
> 2000?

You could replace the 2100's RAM chips with those of a 2000, that
would make it a 2000. But that wouldn't make that much sense I think.
Of course, if you insist, it'd be easier for you if I trade you a
2000 board for your 2100 board ;-)


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