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From: Adriano (
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 03:06:59 PST


what about Knowledge-Navigator?

Below is my experience:

 - =
i was the only bidder in an worldwide auction for a MP2k dongle
 - I won=
 the auction at the price of 4,99GBP (10,00USD circa)
 - I asked him the=
 shipping cost to here in Italy,his answer arrived after the auction endi=
ng only
and the seller asked to me to pay 15,00GBP (30,00USD circa for t=
he shipping only)
 - I paid the total price he asked for (19,99 GBP), bu=
t when the item arrived i could see on the
packaging that he spend the =
price of 6,90CAD (3,00GBP or 7,00USD) for the shipping
 - I received an =
item new in its original package, so i left positive feedback to him, but=
 at that
time strangely he didn't left feedback to me, although i sent =
to him a couple of mails requesting
about it.
 - Two months after the =
auction ending for the Newton dongle i had the chance to let the
talk forum know about knowledgenavigatoris selling methods. Then he read =
my mails on
this forum (i was using the same address as the one i used =
on eBay) so he had the chance to leave
his final response to this fact.=
...he left for me a very negative feedback on eBay (two months after
e auction ending)

This is my report

> After my recent inqu=
rey about a picture they used, I
> have heard MANY negitve things about =
them, but I do
> not know what is wrong with them and why eveyone has a=0D
> bad view on them, can someone tell my why?... They
> have some neat N=
ewton stuff, so I do not know...
> Should I not reccomend that my custo=
mers ask them if
> we don't have what they are looking for?... OR are=0D
> they good?... And ideas?...
> Thanks All!
> Mark Jozaitis =0A=0A=
ro ADSL: navighi gratis a 1.2 Mega, senza canone e costi di attivazione. =
=0AAbbonati subito su =0A

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