Re: [NTLK] Whats wrong with the "Knowledge-Navigator"?..

From: Tom Stock (
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 05:08:13 PST

> Once you read the negative comments people have left for
> "KnowledgeNavigator" and then you read the negative comments he has
> left for others. You have to ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky?" "Is it
> worth it?" "Can I accept the risk?"

One more ebay tip... try to avoid sellers who use "checkout systems".
These people usually have things so automated that they will not respond
to emails, do not know which items you bid on, and even the feedback is
automated. I got my first negative feedback since the 5 years I've been
on ebay. My credit card (wife's purse) was stolen the day the auction
ended. The seller only accepted credit cards and his checkout system
required payment within 3 days. I emailed the seller 3 times to tell
him I would need more than 3 days as I was waiting for the replacement
card... but kept getting automated replies..."Thank you we will contact
you, please see out other items, etc.". When the card arrived (on the
5th day) I tried to make payment, and the payment system refused to
accept it because it had been past 3 days. Emailed again, no reply...
then I got and automated negative feedback, and an automated non paying
bidder strike. I responded to the complaint and offered to pay but they
would not respond to THAT EITHER. Of course, now they aren't getting a
dime from me and I will never bid on another auction which uses a third
party automated checkout system.

Auctions between myself and an "individual" seller have always gone


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