Re: [NTLK] newtAIM?

From: Andy Galluzzi (
Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 08:24:07 PST

  There is a great repository of software examples in planet newton.


Tom Stock wrote:

>Anyone gotten newtAIM to work? I've tried it a few times and it
>connects, logs in, and then disconnects. No contacts downloaded or
>anything, and it just sits there. I'm thinking about installing Waba
>and trying to write a java aim client, but I'm not sure if Waba supports
>networking yet. Also, does anyone know where I can find some sample
>code (a chat client would be perfect) so that I can get familiar with
>newton script?
>I've read through the programmer's guide and reference but need to see
>some sample code for something with network connectivity so I can get
>past hello world :)

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