Re: [NTLK] Important Notice to ALL Buyers of this List...

From: Mark Jozaitis (
Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 16:41:48 PST

Well, that is what I was saying, I get like new ones
back, and I'm not sure what I should send as a
replacement since both my staff, and I feel that it is
in like new shape... Thats why I was letting you all
know that... I have been working hard at this trying
to keep all people happy, however that seems
imposable... I have been even sending some free cards
(2-4mb PCMCIA) to the people that have wanted an
exchange, to let them know I do care, and I will do
what is need to correct our mistake... However since
Marty has (I think) got one from me and is unhappy, I
would be more then happy to help him too... Just let
me know... Also on ALL Exchanges/Returns PLEASE Put a
NOTE explaining what you are to get...

Thanks Again For All Of Your Help!
Mark Jozaitis

> Apart from the fact that 'like new' is a bit of a
> flexible term (since
> it's subjective) the feeling I got from mark is that
> he's getting 'like
> new' Newtons back.
> Hard for us to judge in a distance, so I would think
> that we shouldn't
> be too judgmental here.
> Maybe leave it between Mark and the people who
> bought from him?
> Robert Benschop

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