Re: [NTLK] Newton Surprise

From: ccsccs7 (
Date: Sat Nov 13 2004 - 18:02:46 PST

You got me. I've been neglecting my Newton as of late. I recharged it a
few days ago. I tried to turn it on again after I'd charged it (it has
sat for a few days) but it didn't come on. I tried a reset but not good.
I'm afraid it's gone. :-(

I did use Cingular GPRS to get online.


Robert Serna wrote:

>On Thursday, November 4, 2004 at 18:24 ccsccs7 wrote:
>>Found it! It was right where I'd left it (and I'd tried to make it easy
>>to find by leaving the Newton end of the plug hanging up on a box, but I
>>didn't see it until I removed a sweater that was blocking my view of it.
>Is that you Cedric? Answering your own questions?|) Are you still using your =
>Newton via cell phone to get emails? Was that Cingular you were using? I =
>just got my T39m and trying to connect via irda but keep getting that I =
>don't have the right stationary for viewing .vcf when I send my business =
>card from my T39m!

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