Re: [NTLK] ANN: Linklist updated (

From: Camillus Guhl (
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 22:25:11 PST

Grant, thanks for the hint. I just included the links into
the linklist to be indexed.=20

BTW, is interesting, check the archived version of
NewtonNews, it still seems to read out other RSS sites for news...


=46rom:       Grant Hutchinson <grant () splorp ! com>
In a previous message, Camillus Guhl typed vigorously:
>some sites that have gone:
Many of these sites (partial versions or at least the home pages) are=20
still viewable via the Internet Archive. Perhaps keeping a list of=20
archived pages would be useful, rather than deleting them. (Note:=20
shortcut links provided for the purpose of this message since longer
URLs break in most email clients.)
>AMUG <>
>Newton Users Gallery <>
>Newt Who? <>
>Logictools <>*/
>Ultimate Newton <>*/
>DNUG <>*/
>NewtonNews <>*/
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