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 I wouldn't worry at all about J & K Sales, I've purchased a few MP's from
them and speak with them at least 4 times a year and they are completely
committed to the Newton community and experience. Personally, I won't buy a
Newton MP anywhere else with the exception for Frank...

The last conversation I had with them they stated that they still had more
than 4,000 "Like New" 2100's. They emphatically state "Like New", but they
told me that these units are actually new units. They take the units and
test them and then package them according to the bill of materials. In a
post earlier this spring I sent out a message to the group about buying my
"Like New" 2100 and when I got it I was convinced it was new. I believe
there were a couple of other members who also had similar experiences...


Paul Curtis
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I ordered Newton 2000 from J&K Sales inc. and was just wanting to know the
company's order history.

The dispatch date for my order is Oct 3rd, and i ordered it towards the end
of October, long after that date. After emailing the company (possibly
twice...I don't know if i tried getting in contact with them or not about a
week or two ago - i cant quite remember and i certianly got no respnse if i
did!), I got a message explaining they did not know what the reason for the
weird date was (it's still there on my order's page of the site), but that
the order did dispatch two days ago (the reply was received yesterday saying
it had dispatched the day before).
I was glad to see the response was very quick and quite proffessional.

This is still a bit of a wait considering the order was placed on the 30th
of October and Paypal notfication was done on the 1st of Nov.
Just would like to know I have nothing to worry about!

thanks everyone

Henry Gratwick

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