Re: [NTLK] protoInfoButton question (NS)

From: Simon Bell (
Date: Mon Nov 15 2004 - 16:44:30 PST

>>> How do I remove all items in the protoInfoButton
>> other
>>> than simply "About"? By default there is About,
>>> Prefs, and Aux Item.
>> Actually, no. By default there is nothing in a
>> protoInfoButton. You're
>> using a newtInfoButton.
> No, it's a protoInfoButton - just laid it down on the
> layout and it's got those three items.
> DoInfoAbout
> DoInfoPrefs
> are defined but are simply:
> func()
> begin
> end
> (defaults, right?)
> Is removing these the trick? If so, how is that done?

I must be caught up in a weird parallel Newtonian universe... either
that or we're running different versions of the NTK.

The documentation is still correct - you need to delete the DoInfoHelp
and DoInfoPrefs slots (if they exist in your browser). In my version of
NTK I select a slot and press command-X to delete it... Alternatively,
in your afterScript:
    RemoveSlot(thisView, 'DoInfoHelp);
    RemoveSlot(thisView, 'DoInfoPrefs);
should do the trick.


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