[NTLK] [Q] How to move MS Outlook-Calendar and Addresses from Win NT to Newton via OS X (file under "handicap-race")?

From: DJ Vollkasko (DJ_Vollkasko_at_gmx.net)
Date: Tue Nov 16 2004 - 10:27:02 PST

Dear all,

I've searched the archive on this topic, but couldn't find a solution
for this specific setup I have, so pls. bear with me.

Situation: I have appointments and contacts on a Windows NT machine at
me day job. The export functionality of Outlook isn't fully installed.
I want
to have the calendar and address data also on my Newton.

1. All I can do for my Outlook calendar is

1.1 File/Import and Export
1.2 Export to file
1.3 Create a file of type: Personal Folder File (.pst)
        (-- other export-to-file translators listed, but not installed)
1.4 Then I can select the Calendar and save it as exported .pst-file.-

2. Outlook's Personal Adress Book is a .pab-file in my home directory
which I can copy easily.

3. Transfer to OS X: We're not allowed to attach any personal hardware
to company machines or transfer data via BT, nor are we allowed to
install any non-company software. *BUT* I am allowed to mail addresses
and personal calendar dates home to my PowerBook (as password protected
encrypted archive), where I don't have Outlook installed.

4. Process/synch data: Addressbook only imports vCards and "LDIF",
whatever that is. iCal only imports iCal, vCards and Entourage.
        [Q] So, once I have the .pst- and .pab-files on Mac OS X, what next?
How can I rip the data out of those containers and get them
into iCal and Addressbook?

5. From there, the path to Newton will be export to group-vCards,
Bluetooth, Blunt and IC/VC. (-- I wish I could simply newtSynch all
that stuff via
Bluetooth... Pls. pls pls. Messrs. Nowhereman and Eckart! And Mr. Santa
Claus! ;=} )



P.S.: Bonus questions --

[Q] How can I select all Dates and To-Dos on my Newton w/o having to
manually tap every single one of them?

My PowerBook shows 2KB as the transfer bandwidth for my Bluetooth
connection (Sphinx Pico PC Card on Newton, 3Com PC Card on PowerBook).
The devices stand next to each other, or with 5 m distance, the X-Jack
antenna of the 3Com extended or not - always a stable and steady
    [Q] What could be limiting the bandwidth so drastically? Any
settings on PowerBook or Newton I might want to look at?
    [Q] What data rates do other Newton Bluetooth users experience, and
between which BT-devices?

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