[NTLK] NeXT/Newton connectivity

From: jeromevernet_at_pastis.dyndns.org
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 11:41:35 PST


If somebody interested,

I've tried for a long time for a way to connect my Newton with my NeXT.
I've found here something about newtApp, unfortunately without
I found the source of newtApp:

Unfortunately again, a lot is missing (something named tckit, some .nib
and classes....).

I've found something else: unxpi (http://unixnpi.sourceforge.net/)
compiled with little changes and it's working: I can at least install a
package from my NeXT to my Newtons (at least it's working with 110,120
and 130's)

I will try some other things and try to make a GUI for unxnpi.

Don't know if there is somebody interested here ;)


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