Re: [NTLK] Connecting an MP 2100 to PowerMac 6100 via ethernet LAN ???

From: Mark Ross (
Date: Thu Nov 18 2004 - 12:46:38 PST

As a former owner of a 6100, I need to ask some questions on your setup:
To connect ethernet to this box, you need an AAUI adapter. Is this what
you have? Have you tested your ethernet setup to see if it works on
anything else? The ethernet system extension must be installed for
everything to work.

It is always best when having these kinds of issues to reinstall NCU.
OS 7.6.1 replaces some extensions that NCU needs to function.

The video board should have a standard connector for Mac video
connectors (unlike the built in system, which uses a special high
energy connector that was never used for anything). You need a special
adaptor for the standard connection or a Mac to PC video dongle for the
video board.

This pizza box setup is very prone to heat issues and additional
cooling is a good idea. I fried mine with processor and video board
added on.

BTW - I have the adaptors for this beast, both the main board video and
an AAUI adapter. Contact me off list if you need these.

On Nov 18, 2004, at 3:15 PM, wrote:

> Hello knowledgable Newtonians:
> I recently received an RJ 45-to-ethernet adapter from a fellow
> Newtonian.
> However, I am having trouble with the interconnection procedure. I am
> using a
> Farallon ethernet PCMCIA card with an MP 2100. I went into the
> PowerMac's
> control panel and enabled AppleTalk. When I try to dock, the
> attempted connection
> times out. By the way, I do already have Newton Connection Utilities
> installed on the PowerMac, and I am running OS 7.6.1 on this archaic
> museum piece.
> Two more Mac questions:
> 1) I burned some rock music onto a CD on my desktop PC, but my
> PowerMac
> failed to even recognize the CD! Is there a way to make this
> prehistoric critter
> recognize and play .MP3 files?
> 2) My PowerMac appears to have a video card installed in it. Where
> would I
> begin to search for an adaptor to feed a video signal into this thing?
> Am I
> going to blow the thing up?
> Regards,
> Matt K.
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