Re: [NTLK] Connecting an MP 2100 to PowerMac 6100 via ethernet LAN ???

From: Zack Smith (
Date: Thu Nov 18 2004 - 15:23:29 PST wrote:

>Hello knowledgable Newtonians:
>I recently received an RJ 45-to-ethernet adapter from a fellow Newtonian.
>However, I am having trouble with the interconnection procedure. I am using a
>Farallon ethernet PCMCIA card with an MP 2100. I went into the PowerMac's
>control panel and enabled AppleTalk. When I try to dock, the attempted connection
>times out. By the way, I do already have Newton Connection Utilities
>installed on the PowerMac, and I am running OS 7.6.1 on this archaic museum piece.
This sounds like you would at least need a program to be listening for
connections running on the Mac. I don't know how to help other than
this, though.

>Two more Mac questions:
>1) I burned some rock music onto a CD on my desktop PC, but my PowerMac
>failed to even recognize the CD! Is there a way to make this prehistoric critter
>recognize and play .MP3 files?
The odds are good the burned CD is too hard to read for the 'prehistoric
critter'. Burning at a lower speed could remidy this problem. As for
playing MP3s, the only Classic MP3 player I know of is MacAMP.

>2) My PowerMac appears to have a video card installed in it. Where would I
>begin to search for an adaptor to feed a video signal into this thing? Am I
>going to blow the thing up?
If it's a video out card, odds are good you will need an Apple VGA to
VGA adapter. These can be had for under $4 in many places, and it
probably won't blow up.

>Matt K.
Happy to help,


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