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Date: Sat Nov 20 2004 - 09:18:59 PST

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>Hi Gang!
>I'm setting up an NPDS web-server, and i got a bit stuck on the GIF
>making/serving part of the documentation. I see that the new version of
>GIF Server (1.3) does not require GIF Maker here come my
>a: is the syntax still the same?
> "...To use GIFServer with Newton Personal Data Sharing, just access:
> http://your.newtons.ip.addr/screen/anyname.gif ..."

Yes. There is an additional syntax I don't recall exactly that allows
you to serve built-in pictures (not all of them, only a couple of
formats are supported).

>b1: can i serve my GIFs locally from the Newt (not from web

What do you mean?
Can you serve GIFs stored on your Newton?
The answer is yes, but you don't use the GIF Server for that purpose
but the Binary Server instead.

> b2: if i could serve my GIFs locally, what's the best way to transfer
>my GIFs from my Mac to my MP2100 ?

There is a binary installer.
This is not supported and requires NTK and a Mac. It will wrap a
binary into a package that you could then install on the Newton and
that will copy the binary to a special soup. I could cook a packager
à la NESPackager for that purpose.


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