Re: [NTLK] Newton Survey for a MP 2100...

From: Mark Jozaitis (
Date: Sat Nov 20 2004 - 22:26:12 PST

Hello Bryce!
It was shipped via Parcel and may take a few weeks,
sorry about that it should have gone out Priority
Mail... Any way I got some calls of there statis for
the last two days they had them... And there is some
problems that you should know of:

The Newton scraches farily easy ( a problem I can
fix - with another layer of sealant)
The part were it says MessagePad 2100 and where it
says Newton Tech (w/ light bulb) rubs off ( I can not
fix that, however do ANY OF YOU NEWTON People care?)
"The PDA thing Froze", yeah I did not have to add
this but well it was funny

Also as you all might think I just used a peace of
sand paper to do this you are wrong, I tried that one
Unit # 1-17 and NO Luck... Nor would I recoment it, I
got a macine for a molding factory where they made
cases and it works faily good... Also DO NOT use pain
thiner, a disclamier for safty... Just an FYI... I
should get a pic very soon... And to add more info I
did not waste good Newtons on this I picked the worse
I had the "unsellables"...

Thanks All!

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