Re: [NTLK] Allpoints Wireless PC Card

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 06:14:20 PST

Short answer: No.
The services that used this device are no longer in
business. There was only one software package that ran
this device and it was charted by Wynd Communications.
I have a copy of this app, and ran this service
through Wynd for over a year. I then went to DTS when
Wynd went bye-bye. Then I modified the app to work
with DTS. (I talked to one of the authors of the app
and he told me a secret "triple-tap" technique to
adjust the network setting) Then when DTS disappeared
(it was purchased by Go America) I tried to get the
service registered with Go America. They kept the
service for several months. Then when Apple dumped the
Newton, Go America dumped support of the Newton and
changed the way the network operated and the AllPoints
card stopped working...Several attempts were made to
get the AllPoints card to work with other networks and
nothing came of it..
So, to reitterate, the AllPoints card is basically a
PC card with a pretty gold antenna.
web/gadget guru (download Newton packages)

--- Gary Ebbott <> wrote:

> Hello, I have a 3Com allpoints wireless PC card and
> was wondering if I can use it on my Emate to get on
> the internet with. It is Model #NJ8000R.Are there
> drivers available for it? If anyone is using this
> same card please email newtontalk and let me know
> what I have to do to get on the internet with.Thank
> You,Gary Ebbott

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