[NTLK] Newton Newbie

From: Tony Goh (hitonygoh_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 14:36:35 PST

Hello all.
I recently purchased an MP2x00k.
It comes with the Lucent Wavelan wireless ethernet card.
I cannot get out to the internet (using Newtscape) or send email (via Simplemail).
I have set up the owners information per the instructions with POP and SMTP setting per my SBC Ameritech account instructions.
Configured to DHCP.
I am running a Windows 98 machine. SBC Yahoo DSL (using the Enternet 300 connection software) and US Robotics Wireless Router.
The Wavelan card is recognized by the Newton. The lights flash when I try to open up a webpage but nothing happens.
Sending a note via Simple Mail does not work. No lights flash on the card. I do not even get the mail envelope. It did at one stage show the mail envelope and I attempted to send, but the lights on the card flashed once each (there are two lights) and then nothing. I took the card out, reloaded the drivers, I think -must have since it the card is listed (right?) - and since then not even the mail envelope appears anymore.
Altogether a very diappointing start to my experices, atlhought my buying experiences from the previous owner have been good.
I am not a techie or developer. So please write slowly so I can understand you.
So, can anyone please help me?


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