Re: [NTLK] Wireless Drivers: links dead

From: Michael Berlyn (
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 15:58:38 PST

Thanks, Mike.

Yeah, Marc and I were the first "outside" developers for the newt, and
they used us for a lot of interface feedback. We did Dell & Mystery
Capers before the newt was launched. The only other guys in the same
boat were the ones who wrote "Jig!" which shipped with the OMP. I'm a
big newton user -- have been since I saw what the 130 could do.

As far as Infidel is concerned, well... you did sack and pillage, no? :)

-- Mike
"No matter where you go, there you are." -- Buckaroo Bonzai
On Nov 22, 2004, at 6:13 PM, Mike Detlefsen wrote:

> On Monday, Nov 22, 2004, at 16:40 US/Central, Michael Berlyn wrote:
>> Yeah. And Newt Utilities, Motile and (as a small participant) Notion.
>> Worked on Bic, some Newt interface consulting, did Dell Crosswords
>> with
>> my ex-partner, Marc Blank, who coded it on a bun warmer.
>> Also honchoed that mysteries product.
> That's great... i didn't know you had worked on any Newton stuff. I
> know you were an Infocommie, I enjoyed all those you did. Even the
> ending to Infidel. :-) I still miss Infocom.

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