[NTLK] Jaggies on my Newton :(

From: J. Eagan Rackley (jrackley_at_electronicbingo.com)
Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 08:36:01 PST

Hello Everyone,

My Newton has an awful case of jaggies. I can get around it, by
squeezing the case to the left of the clip where the screen closes.
However, I've opened up my newton, cleaned the connector for the
digitizer, and cleaned underneath the screen. Nothing I do seems to have
a result. If I take the back off of the newton, I can ONLY squeeze the
case and not the part where the motherboard is connected to get it to work.

I'm baffeled. Developing is such a pain like this, I could really use
some advice. I looked over the archive, but I don't seem to see much on
this particular version of the jaggies.


-Eagan Rackley
Author of Newtendo :P

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