[NTLK] FS: Newtons, Case, "Battery thingy", "modemobilia"

From: Joe Anthenat (newtonlist_at_mailworks.org)
Date: Fri Nov 26 2004 - 09:36:39 PST

For sale are the following items... (shipping from 60552)

Please contact me off list. Pictures are available at:

http://www.ofoto.com/I.jsp?c=c7k0y1l.305zt44p&x=0&y=m7bcoynt condition, looks like the screen was never tapped. Only

They turned out a bit dark after uploading, so if you need more detail,
I can send larger originals directly. No images of the MP110 or G3's,
but I can arrange to get some if needed. (had to return the camera...)

1. Newton MP130 -- $50
Very good condition with clean screen and just one scratch on the case.
Works just fine, good backlight, door, port covers and stylus.

2. Leather Case -- $25
Excellent condition. Practically unused. "BTI" logo embossed on front.
 Fits MP110-130 with a strap that holds the bottom of the Newt with a
velcro flap, and a convenient hole to see the Apple logo. Has PCMCIA
card slots on internal divider, business card slots, clear plastic
covered spot for ID or picture or whatever. Has pocket on front with
velcro closure flap and flat zipper pocket on back. Front pocket has
been 'formed' over time because of the old modem that was kept in it,
and so the leather is a little stiff. A little saddle soap and
massaging will probably bring it back to smooth & soft condition.

3. Newton MP110 -- $30
Excellent condition. Practically unused. Case and screen in absolutely
mint condition, looks like the screen was never tapped. Only
imperfection is that the IR cover is cracked right down the middle. Not
sure how it happened because the unit is perfect otherwise and works
fine. Looks and feels like this Newton was never used. I believe it
spent the last 8 years in the Leather case, stored in a box.

4. Newton Fax Modem -- $5
Model #H0005. Excellent condition. likely never used. External Newton
Fax Modem (serial) for use with Newton, or any Mac with serial I
suppose. It is a 2400 modem w/9600 fax. Uses 2 AA batteries, or power
adapter (not included).

5. Also available, if there is any interest. 3/ea PowerMac G3/233
Beige Desktop. 128MB RAM, 4GB + 2GB Hard Drives/ea, internal Zip 100,
24x CD-ROM, 6MB VRAM, floppy drive, 3-PCI slots, Serial, SCSI, ADB, 10bT
Ethernet. (no keyboard, mouse, monitor). Very upgradable. All work
fine and include OS 9.2. Perfect for Newton connectivity, housing
Newton software library, Newton development, book making and backups.
See specs here:

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