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From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Sat Nov 27 2004 - 10:31:20 PST

On Nov 24, 2004, at 6:20 AM, Victor Rehorst wrote:

> matt wrote:
>> As for the printing via IRDA to a 5MP, I've done that - the newt will
>> do it in stock form. However, given that I just spent more than by
>> budget on a new Brother 5140, I'd really like to just go that route :
> If you had bought a Brother Network printer, you could print to it via
> the LPR
> driver.
> However the Newton doesn't speak PCL6, only PostScript, so ...
You need to use your OSX box as the RIP.

I would try using a manual configuration in the internet setup on the
Newton (rather then DHCP).

Although DHCP is great for simplifying connection setups, it doesn't
help anything as far as functionality and adds a potential source of
problems, especially on Newton IME.

Even if you want to use DHCP finally, it's worth testing a Manual
config just to eliminate this as a sticking point.

Configuring goes about like this.

Figure out the IP addresses of the subnet you want to connect to. This
could be a dedicated router, or your mac itself. Usually this is
something similar to or The router will treat
other devices with the same first three numbers, but a unique fourth
number as LAN machines.

Once you have figured out the subnet address range, you can manually
assign your Newton an address ie ( See how this address
uses the same first three octets as the first router example? You want
to make sure that the last octet (ie 45 in this example) is unique on
your local network, so that you aren't colliding with another machine.
  Usually on a home network this isn't too big an issue :~) (255 being
the number of options in an octet).

Then set your net mask to, and your gateway or router to or whatever the router address is.

The last part to this puzzle is to set a valid dynamic name server
(DNS) address or two. These are servers that allow your computers to
figure out the internet addresses associated with a particular name (ie You can use any valid DNS server address, usually
it's best to use one from your Internet service provider (you might
find this info on there setup help site), but there is a free ISP here
in seattle whose server you can test with if you don't have any other
ideas on how to find one.

This is a valid DNS server address as of 11/27/04: (thanks to

Sorry if this whole explanation is unneeded, but I tell people so
often to use a manual internet setup, that I figure once in a while I
should flesh out the details.


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