[NTLK] custom charges for a MP2000

From: Henry W.Gratwick (hgratwick_at_spymac.com)
Date: Sat Nov 27 2004 - 18:03:46 PST

Hi Everyone,

I remember there was some talk about custom charges for ordering=20
elecrical goods from the US - well, I was the one being warned about=20
customs stings from charges - and, guess what, I was not one of the=20
lucky ones to go free...=A324 surcharge before they'll send it to my=20
house :-(

Luckily though *crafty grin* - since the package is addressed to my=20
mother, who is buying the 2000 for my christmas...she's paying for it! =20=

In answer to some words from a famous ad:

"Am I basically good, or do I just lack the courage to be evil?" - I=20
think I lack no courage...which kinda makes me feel slightly guilty=20


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