Re: [NTLK] re missing wireless drivers & the "free market"

From: James Holy (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 00:55:55 PST


I wish I would have known you had those cards... I would have purchased one
when I bought my newton from you a few weeks ago... There's a decent demand
I'm sure... I still need one if you figure out pricing and that driver
magically reappears...


Mark Jozaitis said at =D2Re: [NTLK] re missing wireless drivers & the "free
[2004/11/28 23:35]

> Paul,
> I am looking for the WavLAN Drivers myself as I have
> over 40 WavLAN Card and I can't find them I am waiting
> to find drivers so I can sell them so if ANYONE know
> where to get them that would be great... Also does
> anyone know how much the WaveLAN Bronze, Gold, Silver,
> etc is worth and what the demand is like... Well,
> good luck with your WiFi stuff Paul!
> Thanks!
> Mark Jozaitis

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