Re: [NTLK] Problem with Lucent Wavelan wireless card

From: Hkz (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 10:29:03 PST

Victor Rehorst wrote:

>Nightshade wrote:
>>I've got a MessagePad 2100 with NIE 2.0 installed, and i always used it with
>>my 3C589D ethernet card...never had a problem so far, walking
>>around with a portable handheld with a newtwork wired connected isn't really
>>confortable i decided to go wireless :)
>>That's when the problems started to arise.
>>I installed LucentWaveLAN2.pkg from UNNA (/drivers/ethernet/wavelan) and
>I just realized, that copy of the driver is ANCIENT. Don't use it. I am
>about to remove it because it is a very early early ALPHA test driver.
hmmm...ok thanks, i'll remove the old driver! alas it seems there's no
way to obtain an updated driver around the web because Hiroshi never
made it downloadable from other web pages. If anyone has it (and of
course if it is legal...) i could receive it on email so there would be
nothing else stopping me from the use of my newton around the house ;)
Thanks again!

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