[NTLK] T610 Blunt No joy

From: Martin Joseph (martyNT_at_barknaturalpet.com)
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 14:26:42 PST

After a lot of fiddling with this combination, and the Ambicom CF
Bluetooth card (purple antenna), I am sorry to report this is a bust.

First of all there is some kind of pairing issue with this phone and
Blunt. The Newton sees the phone fine, and SEEMS to pair fine, but
when the connection attempt from the Newt to the phone occurs, somehow
the phone has amnesia (although the Newton is still listed in "my
devices"), and tries to pair again. On a couple of occasions I was
able to enter the previously entered pairing keyword and succesfully
get a connection, although this seems to be a fluke of some kind (ie
it's not reliably repeatable).

On those occasions where I paired from the Newt with a pass of 1234,
and then used 1234 when I connected, I saw the exact same problem as
with the T68i.

As Eckhart described it to me, this seems to be related to "PPP echo
packets" which NIE insists on using, and the SE cells don't seem to
like. This causes a disconnection of sorts, which results is Newton
error and problems.

This is consistent with what I see on my my PBG4 Ti 867, although
under OSX I can uncheck the "send PPP echo packets" option and then it
stays connected reliably...

So, this seems like a good job for Daniel Padilla! Daniel! Help

Perhaps you can somehow patch NIE so that it simply skips the sending
of the echo packet, and goes right to the positive result code? Sort of
a way to turn off this PPP echo packet feature, which is a problem in
this case?

A boy can dream...



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