Re: [NTLK] SER001 installation

From: Sonny Hung (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 17:07:43 PST

On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 01:48:51 +0100, Frank Gruendel <> wrote:
> Normally in this case the board IS the cause of the bump. You will
> notice that there is some material filed off the connector of the SER001.

It was always a thought on my mind since I've heard about the bump
issue on the list before.

> If it wasn't, you'd have a veeeery huge bump. There are cases where this
> isn't enough. I ALWAYS file about 1 mm off the top part of the case
> where it'll touch the connector when I install these boards.

It is my opinion (of course I defer to the designer of the board if my
thougthts are a bit out in left or right field) that the securing
point on the corner of the stylus silo on the SER-001 might have been
better (if possibl) to have that corner cut out and a thin metal
material with a cut out hole soldered thru the board (3 pin thru board
soldered) provide enough support and mounted as not to cause any bump
or need to be adjusted...

However I'm not sure if this would cause price increases or another
failure point...

Thank you greaciously for listening to these ramblings...

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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