Re: [NTLK] how do I install the SER-001 Board?...

From: James Wages (
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 19:58:47 PST

I installed a SER-001 board in my 2000/2100 a month ago. I works great.
But you should note that it does cause a 1-2mm bulge in the underside of the
case. This prevents the flip cover from securely locking into place

I was told that all I needed to do is just file down the connector a bit
(meaning, the tiny one that fits onto the Newton PCB), but the problem is
that the white serial connector already smacks against the top of that
little square opening in the case. So even if I was able to file down the
PCB connector, the white serial connector prevents the SER-001 from moving
up sufficient to eliminate the bulge completely.

This bulge is nothing serious, but it should be noted before committing to a
SER-001 purchase.


James Wages

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