[NTLK] Using the OMP as terminal console

From: Nickie Desyeux (lt_at_id.ru)
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 03:46:51 PST

Hello list!

I am a new user here and I would like to ask for your
I have recently dug out an Original MessagePad and an idea
struck me. I would like to use it as a terminal console
for my unix-box. I did a little research, setup an old PC
with Windows 98 and NCK, made my own serial cable. I've
managed to successfully sync the OMP and the PC, so the
cable is working perfectly. Next, I've tried looking for

I've tried all the software titles I could find. I've
discovered that the only working VT100 compatible software
package for the OMP is "PocketCall 1.0". I've looked
through the newtontalk-archives and even found a serial
number for it, but no trace of the program itself. The
UNNA archive only has a non-functional demo.

Is it possible to use the machine as a terminal console?
Maybe I should use some other software?

The OS version of my OMP is 1.05. It would be too bad to
throw the machine away as I am sure it can be used for
such a trival task!

Please, can anyone shed some light on the subject?

Thanks in advance!!!

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