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> I installed a SER-001 board in my 2000/2100 a month ago. I
> works great.
> But you should note that it does cause a 1-2mm bulge in the
> underside of the case. This prevents the flip cover from
> securely locking into place sometimes.

In a number of cases (no pun intended) users have failed to fully engage the case clip immeadiately adjacent to the
mini-din connector. Pressing in at this point while pressing the two case halves together should result in an audiable
'click' and seat them better.

> I was told that all I needed to do is just file down the
> connector a bit (meaning, the tiny one that fits onto the
> Newton PCB), but the problem is that the white serial
> connector already smacks against the top of that little
> square opening in the case. So even if I was able to file
> down the PCB connector, the white serial connector prevents
> the SER-001 from moving up sufficient to eliminate the bulge
> completely.

I am not sure where you got this idea but it is wrong. The internal connector should never be modified. It is the
mini-din that has the work done to it. If you experience a slight bulge it can be resolved by filing some more material
from this connector so that it clears the step in the case where it fits in the modem hole.

> This bulge is nothing serious, but it should be noted before
> committing to a
> SER-001 purchase.

If you are careful the SER-001 can be fitted with no impact to the case.



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