Re: [NTLK] [MP2100] MODEMtoMODEM communication problem

From: Peter H. Coffin (
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 12:16:20 PST

On Tue, Nov 30, 2004 at 01:26:25AM +0100, arfalas wrote:
> The day 29/nov/04, on 22:34, Peter H. Coffin wrote:
> > Is the terminal program closed and then NCU opened at this point? If=20=
> > the
> > terminal program owns the connection, NCU won't be able to get it.
> Yes. It is close, but I think it continue to owns the connection
> > You'll need a terminal program on the computer side that A) is willing
> > to leave the modem connected and B) properly releases control of the
> > serial port, and C) have NCU then grab the serial port and use the
> > previously-established hardware session.
> Can you tell me the name?
> > What exactly *are* the strange characters, and what is the XXXXX? That
> > almost sounds like a possible speed-mismatch depending on the=20
> > characters
> > coming back. xxxxx`xxxx`xxxxxxxx`xxx I think was fairly symptomatic of=20=
> > a
> > mismatch between 1200 and 2400 bps.
> It changes every time i try.It is between 9600 and 33600 (the=20
> connection speed
> is configured to 9600). The strange characters are something like

Try adding F8 to your setup string. That *should* lock the modem into
V.32bis 9600 mode.

Probably won't solve all the problems, but it may help some. I can't
remember which modem you're using on the Newton side, but I'm presuming
it's an internal one. and not terribly new. (Some newer ones don't do
the ATFn command anymore, if that spits back an error, try AT+MS=9,0)

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