[NTLK] Bluetooth via serial success

From: Adriano (adriano.angelillis_at_gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jul 01 2005 - 11:23:08 PDT


finally i have found a bluetooth device which can be used via serial by
the Newton!

The bluetooth device is called "CL-II", work at 20m (class II),
it's SPP enabled, and works transparently with almost everything has a
serial port,
exactly the same as devices connected by a serial cable.

I needed to connect the CL-II to a PC only one time, for configuring it
as a 'Master' device,
and give it a more personal name other than choose the fastest speed
for transferring files.
So i succesfully syncronized my MP2100 and MP130 using nSync (0.3.3 -
previous versions did not work)
at 230K via serial bluetooth to a OSX (Panther) desktop.
I used a cable adapter from DB9 to mac mini-din to phisically connect
the bluetooth device to my MessagePad serial port.

If anybody is interested on getting it, the Cl-II is on sale at $55,00
from the link below:
[notice that there are also listed class I bluetooth devices which work
at 100m]

Notice that the CL-II contains a 700mA battery too!

I have only one complaint:
i have not been able to dock with my desktop via serial-bluetooth, at
any speed,
cause when starting connection with my MP2100 Escale crashes leaving
this report on Console app:
"Escale OSX[769] Unhandled Exception in Link. Restarting server, please
don't do it again"
instead when trying to connect with my MP130, Escale seems to respond,
but then it freezes at "Receiving name" state.

My best hope is that such a problem could be easily resolved by the
author, when the time will permit.



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