Re: [NTLK] AA Battery Tray Issues

From: Dan (
Date: Fri Jul 01 2005 - 18:01:31 PDT

>I'm only out five bucks for the bad batteries, thankfully. Some Big Lot!
store deals are better than others...
> Matt K.

I thought so, glad you got it working. It may not be big lots fault
either. Some sets might be ok, and others not (aka the ones they tried
out of the lot were probably fine). You don't know till you try them.
I would suggest testing each cell on a battery tester and see if you
have a bad one. I suspect you do. They could all be bad but if they
were you wouldn't have even got a moment glimmer of power. That is
typical of one bad cell. So check them before you throw them. Of
course they still could all be bad and just don't hold a charge but I
would test them to make sure. ;)


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