[NTLK] 2100's plus extras for sale, make offer

From: Rolf Brakvatne (rbrak29_at_qwest.net)
Date: Sat Jul 02 2005 - 09:50:50 PDT

      Screen excellent
      Backlight: good
      Case: good, small top case crack(left center on side)
      battery: fair
       Screen: fair, worn area upper, center 1/4 in,. x 1in. (Pocken
Quicken entry area)
       Backlight: good
       Case: good, small crack near SER-001
       battery: fair
Both have SER-001 installed (still have both Newton case plugs),
covers and no feet are missing, black leather cases, 32MB Pretec
flash cards
1-Newton charger
1-PCMCIA plug
1-AA battery tray
1-3Com Megahertz 56K X-jack modem (X-jack connectors are broken
short, but still works, do not have cable)
1-Orinoco Gold wireless card with Hiroshi Noguchi Newton driver
1-Newton Message Pad keyboard
1-Newton interconnect/serial dongle
1- Newtway connector with Palm keyboard with case (includes short
serial cable)
      Worked with one of the 2100's, but not with the other. Do not
know why.
1-Keyspan USB to serial connector
2-Newton Print Pack with cables and software
1-replacement bottom case
1-green backlight replacement
1-Windows serial to Newton serial cable

Standard 2100 software will be loaded
Additional sofware: Twerx, Newtsync, wireless driver, Stowaway driver
(Palm keyboard)

Please contact me off list: rbrak29_at_qwest.net


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