Re: [NTLK] Mail V problem + driver info + browser

From: Brian (
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 00:54:00 PDT

Hi Victor,

Many thanks for the help - I'll post comment on the Mail issues later
but for now....

2. The suggested setting worked fine! 28.8 or faster works without
any extra drivers so everyone can (hopefully) mark up that card as a
go-er. BTW - the selectable options include a TDK8214 (or is it
2814) which setting does not work.

3. Courier: Partial progress in that I entered a URL as you said and
it seemed to wrk - but where's the page kept? And it only shows one
page at the top - the first page entered and when I select the "i"
button it simply shows that page details and not a new option. How
do I get to the bookmark list - the Courier website instructions
aren't very helpful. It also seems to load the detailed view and not
the overview - so now "New" button" - is this right? The only way I
can see the page list is to go via Prefs.
Maybe Courier needs a complete "Help" file for numbskulls like me?


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