[NTLK] Uploading Newton to iCal with NewtSync

From: Richard (newtontalk_at_rssternberg.org)
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 12:10:15 PDT

Hi. I'm a long time Newton owner, and I have about 9 years of address
book and calendar data on my Newtons. It's time to move on finally,
and I bought a Treo 650. I've been trying to use NewtSync 0.3.3 to
get data off my Newton into my Pismo (PowerBook G3 Firewire) running
Tiger (X.4.1) so I can synch it into the Treo. So far, I've had no
success after three all-evening sessions in spite of some brave
assistance by the technical assistance volunteers at my Mac user
group, the Washington Apple Pi. I hope you can help.

Here's the rest of my set up details: I'm using a Newton 2100 with
one of the two backup flash cards installed. I succeeded at getting
the NSync.pkg on to the Newton using an old PowerMac that had a
serial port, an old ImageWriter cable, and Newton's original backup/
upload software. We then reconvened after I found a Keyspan and
loaded its software onto my Pismo. We cranked up the PowerBook
NewtSync on both USA19QI181P1.1 (the connection added by the Keyspan
sotware) and TCP/IP (which we tried in desperation when serial didn't
work, even though I don't have an Ethernet card). We immediately
fired up the Newton with NSync on both serial and TCP/IP. Both
devices claim to be listening, but no connection is established. The
Keyspan light goes from solid green to flashing green, which often
means there is some data attempting to be transmitted, but nothing

After a few hours thinking and failing at this, one of the assembled
hobbyists suggested that the cable we were using to get from the
Keyspan to the Newton's dongle might be wired wrong. (We found it in
a bucket of collected connectors and have no idea how it's wired.) Do
any of you know the pin-out mapping for the Keyspan's female D 9-pin
connector and the Newton DIN-8 dongle?

Can you offer any hints to make NewtSync work for me?

-- Richard

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