[NTLK] [FS] Selling a whole bunch of Newton stuff (cases, keyboard, network, odds and ends)

From: Victor Rehorst (victor_at_newtontalk.net)
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 18:02:27 PDT

You may have seen my post earlier in the week that I was planning on unloading
a bunch of my Newton odds and ends, well, here's the list. Prices negotiable,
  I am in Canada BUT quoting prices in USD - Canadians will get a price break
of course.

Payment via PayPal is preferred, Canadians can also use Interac E-Mail Money
Transfer, Int'l Money order also a possibility depending on amount.

If you think I'm smoking crack with these prices, let me know or make an

PDA Concepts Handstand case - $85 (includes leather 2x00 velcro holster)
There's not much more I can say about this that The Gadgeteer doesn't say in
their review: http://www.the-gadgeteer.com/review/hand_stand_review
My HandStand is in great condition, except for some kitty scratches on the
leather exterior (can send you a photo if concerned). Also, I can't find the
short leather handle, only the shoulder strap (I know the handle is somewhere
- gotta dig through more boxes). These cases haven't been made for a long
time and don't come around very often...

Ripoffs CO-58 2x00 holster - $25
Photo from the manufacturer http://www.ripoffs.com/datasheets/co58/co58.html
In case you don't know, this is a high-quality belt holster that fits the 2x00
and has extra pouches that hold a few PC Cards, or a serial adaptor,
batteries, etc.

Newton Keyboard with zipper case and manual - $50
Extremely lightly used keyboard, not much more to say.

Those interconnect port connectors! I found two of them. One of them is
perfect. The other one has about half of the tiny tiny pins bent, but might
be fixable. Make me an offer for both. These are made out of "unobtanium"...

9W Power Adapter - $5
I have a cat who loves to chew the slightly rubbery cables on these. She's
done it three times. I repaired this one once but it needs fixing again.
Anyone who can strip wire and twist or solder them back together can get a
power adapter really cheap!

3Com 3c589D Network Card with cable - $15
Network card, with cable, works. *I also have an extra 3c589 cable, but can't
find the card at the moment...

AA battery cage for 2x00 - $15

Megahertz XJ3288 28.8/14.4 modem/fax PC Card - $10
Has XJack. Haven't tested this in a while. I also have a Zoltrix 56K PC Card
modem, but I need to find the cable for it.

Battery carrying case - $1 - holds 4 AAs

Cigarette pack modem - $1

Dummy PC Cards - $1 each (I have 3xNewton and 1xDell) - for protecting your
empty slots

Battery Booster pack - $5 - holds 8 AAs and plugs into any Newton for backup

Dell Crossword Puzzles and Games ROM Card - $5

For any old school MAC heads in the crowd, you might find this stuff useful
that I found:

-I have many external SCSI cables:
        -Centronics 50-Centronics 50
        -Centronics 50-HD50
        -DB25-Centronics 50
        -Various terminators (incl a 68 pin active)
        -1 or 2 50 pin ribbon cables (including one that I put a Centronics 50
connection onto the end of)

-Mac to PC modem cables - DB25 or DB9 to miniDIN8 (one each)

-Mac Serial straight-through (miniDIN8-miniDIN8) - aka Newton Serial Cable

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