[NTLK] MATT: Emate hinge repair person

From: gmoody_at_gmx.net
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 10:53:59 PDT

Hi Matt,

Okay, and what would that price be=3F



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Subject: [NTLK] Emate hinge repair person

I've done half a dozen of the eMate repairs, but did not realize a viable
market need existed beyond that=2E
If anybody closer to the Midwestern US needs such a fix for their eMate,
they can send it my way=2E
I'll do it for HALF of what the person in Berkley is charging, plus
shipping, of course=2E I might even throw in some freebie eBooks=2E :O)
Matt K=2E
Detroit, Michigan, USA

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