[NTLK] Audio issues / Crashes with Mad Max

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt (Marcus.Hammerschmitt_at_t-online.de)
Date: Fri Jul 08 2005 - 16:13:52 PDT

Dear list members,

by and large, I'm quite content with my new MP3-Player -
i.e. my 2100 playing audio books to me:


There's one thing bugging me, though. Installation of
mp3-pkgs is less than convenient, as the 2100 much
too often crashes or reboots before the respective mp3s
can be written correctly to the card I want to store them
on. I'm syncing and installing via Basilisk on an WinXP machine.
(Syncing btw is very stable, I have no complains about this).
There seem to be two types of crashes (both occurring when
the progress bar says that the file has been transferred but
not installed yet): Either Basilisk is taking a dive, and the
2100 reboots. Maybe that is an issue of memoray allocation
on the XP-machine, but this also occurs when nothing or
little else is running on the big box. Nastier still are the
incidents when the audio soup actually starts to be written,
and then suddenly the barber pole stops spinning, indicating
a crash which has to been remedied via reset. Annoying,
takes time, and I don't want to wear my reset down. Any
hints? Do MAD Newton and the Codec have to be stored
internally to improve reliability (so far they are on the
card the mp3-pkgs go to)?




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